Stepping into Web Development?

I can never decide if I really want to do web development. On one hand, it could be quite lucrative, and if you have your own website it shows you are fairly good at figuring out computers (or you at least know how to search things on the web). On the other hand, HTML, CSS, and JS are infuriating to work with because every browser implements things slightly differently so that your website is always broken. If it isn’t broken, then you copied the work of someone else. This isn’t even mentioning the broken mess of a language that PHP is.

But I think I will try my best to learn web development and stick with it this time. The ability to work remotely on many tasks, the relatively low barrier to entry,  and my current state of unemployment require that I figure something out.

I’m not sure I will leave this up, but I need at least ONE post here.

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