Flashing a Better BIOS to Lenovo Thinkpad x220

Learning that SYSLINUX exists

Recently, I wanted to try out Guix on my laptop. Previously I had installed Antergos because I still needed proprietary firmware for my laptop (an Acer Swift 3) to work properly. However, I heard of an effort to create a nongnu repository for guix, and I was very interested. So I downloaded guix, installed it to a spare flash drive, rebooted and madly hit the F2 button. A lone cursor blinked on my screen. [Read More]

Signed Distance Fields in Kha

Cross-Platform SDF

Screenshot of SDF rendering

Signed Distance Fields (SDF) and raymarching are techniques used in the demoscene to make impressive renders in not much code and with limited computing power. I am not in the demoscene, but I was curious if raymarching and Signed Distance Fields could be used in games as an alternative to polygonal rendering. Kha is a really cool multimedia framework based on Haxe.

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